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(ver. 2017-05-31)

WARNING! This utility is in transition to a new server. Please return end of November, 2019 for the launching of ver. 2.0 of the registry. The new version will include a simplified SensorML2 editor with integrated modules to register files, simplified registry process, and new landing pages for each record.

The X-DOMES' SensorML Registry and Repository (SRR) is a facility to centrally archive SensorML records to facilitate access.

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Organization Project IRI Description Version SensorML Contact Registrant
WHOI X-DOMES Test Project urn:whoi:mvco:mvco_workhorse_1200 This is the RDI Workhorse 1200 deployed at Matha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory. 2017-01-05 20:22:26 View Janet Fredericks Felimon Gayanilo
WHOI X-DOMES Test Project urn:whoi:mvco:adcpProcessingSystem Full processing system for the ADCP deployment at MVCO, version 2.2, including processing chain for QA/QC testing 2017-01-05 20:27:07 View Janet Fredericks Felimon Gayanilo
TDRI Teledyne Marine urn:teledyne_rdi:workhorse_1200 The Monitor is Teledyne RD Instruments most popular direct-reading Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). The unit is typically bottom frame-mounted and hard-wired to shore to provide real-time monitoring of coastal currents. The Monitor's high data accuracy and reliability make it a favorite for deployments in high volume traffic areas such as ports and harbors, where the data is often integrated into a Vessel Traffic Monitoring System. In fact, the Monitor has been selected for most major port programs undertaken in the United States. 2017-01-05 20:32:51 View Darryl Symonds Janet Fredericks
WHOI X-DOMES Test Project urn:whoi:mvco:observingSystem A cabled observatory south of Martha's Vineyard, MASS (USA), owned and operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) 2017-01-05 20:39:22 View Janet Fredericks Felimon Gayanilo

Direct Access of a Record

The SensorML files records can be accessed directly using the following syntax:{enter the IRI of the record on file}


Alternatively, if the direct filename is available (the ':' characters are replaced with '-'), a direct HTTP call (i.e. API-less) can also be used to access the SensorML file.


Query the Registry

The SensorML files in the registry can be queries using the following syntax:{enter query term}&attribute={enter attribute to search (e.g. description)}


Project Creation and Modification

The SRR organizes its records by "project" folders. These project folders can be created remotely once an account has been created using the passcode provided to the registrant upon successful registration. This passcode will allow registered users to create project folders using the following is the syntax:{passcode}&title={title}&name={name of the responsible person}&email={email of contact person}&verbose={0|1}

Please note that project created, undergo an approval process before it can be referenced. Registrants are emailed a summary of the registration and importantly, the project ID. Only the registrant who created the folder or individuals with knowledge of the passcode, can use that project folder. To update a record, use the same syntax as above but include the project_id parameter as in the following:{passcode}&project_id={project ID}&title={title}&name={name of the responsible person}&email={email of contact person}&verbose={0|1}

The parameter 'verbose' if set to 1 will echo a return. The default is set to 0, i.e. silent mode.

SensorML Registration

All SensorML files are organized on a project folder, and they can be registered via the online user interfaces or by direct RESTful services via HTTP/POST approaches. The following is the syntax to register a new SensorML record:{passcode}&project={project_id}&url={url where the XML formatted SensorML file can be accessed}&status={1: public or 0:private}&verbose={0|1}

If the status parameter is set to "0", the sensorML file will NOT be posted in the inventory list. However, it can be access directly if the IRI is known. As in the case of project folders, SensorML records can also be updated using the same syntax but the sml_id, a unique field in the system and provided upon successful registration, is a required paramerter.{passcode}&sml_id={sml_id}&url={url where the XML formatted file can be accessed}&status={1: public or 0:private}&verbose={0|1}