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Record Number 00005
URN urn:gill:windsonic
Description The Gill WindSonic has been developed specifically for use as a low-cost alternative to traditional moving-parts wind sensors and is suitable for use in onshore or offshore environments. The WindSonic is a lightweight, robust unit, completely sealed and constructed in UV-resistance plastic. With a low start-up speed (0.01m/s) and no moving parts, the Gill anemometer exhibits significant benefits over standard 3- cup and propeller anemometers. The WindSonic requires no calibration or maintenance. Wind speed and direction data is provided via a serial bi-directional link, and the output may be configured by the user to provide a variety of communication formats, including a choice of units of measure and averaging periods. Sophisticated error checking and a fault reporting system are supplied as standard, ensuring the user s confidence in the reported data. The Gill WindSonic represents the best all weather solution on the market for providing reliable and accurate wind speed and direction information with virtually zero maintenance.
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Institution/Organization Gill Instruments Limited
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