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Record Number 00016
URN urn:jasco:sensor:AMAR.G4.PVC

With removable memory and pre-packaged battery packs, it’s quick and easy to refresh the AMAR and put it back in the water. WAV and CSV files are saved to SD cards, directly readable by your computer. Configure the AMAR, get status updates, and download test data over Wi-Fi. Multiple battery packs can be daisy chained together for year-long continuous recordings.

The innovative design provides a low noise floor of -150 dB re FS per root hertz at all sample rates. We work closely with hydrophone manufacturers to develop the right system for your needs. Three real-time clock options, including Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC), for precise data timing.

Electronics and 48 D-cell batteries in a stream-lined PVC housing. For long deployments with one self-contained housing.

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