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Record Number 00018
URN urn:sunburst:sensor:SAMI-CO2
Description * Measures the partial pressure of carbon dioxide pCO2 in water from 200-600 μatm (ranges above 600 are available by request)
* Uses a highly precise and stable colorimetric reagent method
* Provide researchers with valuable in-situ time series data
* Depolyable to depths up to 600 meters
* Can be deployed in the ocean or in freshwater
* Long-term depolyments - can run for more than a year taking hourly measurements
* Can support up to 3 external instruments such as PAR, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorometer, or CTD
* Can support inductive modems or external loggers if required.
* Biofouling Package available for deployments in productive environments
Last updated 2020-04-17 17:00:00
Institution/Organization Sunburst Sensors, LLC
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Registrant Xinping Hu (