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Record Number 00009
URN urn:vaisala:ptb330_class_a
Description The PTB330 series digital barometer is a new generation barometer designed for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement.

The PTB330 barometers use the BAROCAP® silicon capacitive, absolute pressure sensor developed by Vaisala. This sensor features extremely high accuracy with excellent hysteresis and repeatability characteristics, and outstanding temperature and long-term stability. All the PTB330 barometers come with a NIST traceable, factory calibration certificate.

The PTB330 can incorporate one, two or three BAROCAP®pressure transducers. When two or three sensors are used, the barometer continuously compares the readings of the

pressure sensors against one another and provides information on whether these are within the set internal difference criteria. This unique feature provides redundancy in pressure measurement.

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Institution/Organization Vaisala Inc. - Boston Office
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